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Escalera CopyCaddy
Copier Moving Cart and Ramp System
patent pending

"Thing works great. We've delivered over 50 big console copiers up and down steps with no problems, no complaints."

PRESS PLAY to watch the Escalera CopyCaddy™ and the Escalera StairCat® move
large copy machines. One person can load and unload delivery vehicles, maneuver
in confined spaces, roll on rough terrain, and climb steps with power!

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Escalera CopyCaddy
Escalera CopyCaddy™
Includes: main deck assembly,
main ramp assembly, auxiliary ramp
assembly, (1) height-adjustable
security strap, and (2) removable
all-terrain wheels with integrated brakes

CopyCaddy 10" extension leaf
Optional 10" Pallet Extension
increases CopyCaddy™ pallet
length to 40 inches

The Escalera CopyCaddy™ is the one tool you can not be without when moving and delivering copy machines. Using the Escalera CopyCaddy™, one person can easily handle most console copiers. Large swivel casters and rollers allow you to roll on rough terrain without damaging the copy machine.

  • Light-weight custom aluminum extrusion design
  • Vinyl-padded surface protects the copy machine
  • Height-adjustable security strap
  • Removable all-terrain wheels with integrated brakes
  • It's a delivery cart and a ramp
  • 600 pound capacity
  • 2 pallet sizes available:
    30"L x 24.75"W
    30"L x 32"W
  • Optional 10" pallet extension increases the deck length to 40 inches


Escalera CopyCaddyThe Escalera CopyCaddy™ can be used as a stand alone delivery cart for moving heavy copy machines.



Escalera CopyCaddy used as a rampThe Escalera CopyCaddy™ converts into a ramp for loading and unloading delivery vehicles and trailers.



CopyCaddy and StairCat Lift
Use the Escalera StairCat® Stair Climbing Forklift with the Escalera CopyCaddy™ to load and unload delivery vehicles. The forks raise as high as 54". Locking casters prevent the Escalera CopyCaddy™ from rolling when loaded into the vehicle.

To UPGRADE your existing Escalera StairCat® with the Removable Lift Attachment and the Escalera CopyCaddy™, call Escalera at 530-673-6318 or toll free in the USA at 800-622-1359.





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