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PRESS PLAY to watch the Escalera StairCat® Stair Climbing Forklift moving safes of all sizes. One person can load and unload delivery vehicles, maneuver in confined spaces, roll on rough terrain, and climb steps with power!

RLA-EW Escalera StairCat Stair Climbing Forklift
Model: RLA-EW
StairCat Stair Climbing Forklift
1200 lb. capacity

For moving safes weighing up to 1200 pounds, Escalera recommends:
  • RLA-EW or MLA-EW
    Escalera StairCat Stair Climbing Forklift

  • BWA-1
    Big Wheel Attachment

  • RLS-1
    Retractable Load Support
  • RW-1
    Extra Automatic Rewinding Safety Strap
  • LH-3
    Lift Hitch Attachment


Escalera StairCat ForkliftYou can use the Escalera StairCat Stair Climbing Forklift to raise and lower safes and fire files in and out of the back of your delivery vehicle with the easy-to-use hand operated winch (MLA-HC, RLA-HC) or the battery powered electric winch (MLA-EW, RLA-EW). The 28 inch long forks can lift 1200 pounds up to 54 inches high. This is high enough to load and unload a semi-truck without having a loading dock and a traditional forklift.

Use the included Automatic Rewinding Safety Strap to secure the stove to the handtruck. The safety straps work very similar to seat belts in your car. Because the safety straps rewind automatically into the sideframe when they are not in use, you will never have straps hanging down by your feet.

Install the optional BWA-1 Big Wheel Attachment by hooking the Big Wheel frame on the bottom of the handtruck side frames. Next, with one hand, push the big wheel frame firmly against the handtruck. Raise the latch to secure the Big Wheel Attachment to the hand truck.


Big Wheel AttachmentThe BWA-1 Big Wheel Attachment allows you to roll on four wheels across many types of terrain, including rough terrain such as gravel, grass, dirt or light snow.

For moving short, heavy safes, you can raise the center of gravity by raising the forks, making it easier to break back the load. You can put your foot on the 3/4 inch big wheel axle to assist tilting the load, and you can balance the StairCat on the Big Wheel Attachment or Retractable Load Support when it is tilted back. Notice how the weight of the safe is centered over the wheels. Centering the load makes it easier to handle when rolling on the ground or when climbing stairs. The Escalera StairCat Stairclimbing Forklift is very versatile. One or two delivery people can easily handle most safes and fire files. The battery-powered stairclimbers will climb over 130 steps up and back down with a full load and is very gentle while climbing stairs. Escalera Forklifts are available with or without the battery-powered StairCat climbing system, and with a hand-operated winch or electric winch for raising and lowering the forks. You can also purchase a completely non-powered lift and update to the StairCat Stair Climbing system later. Twenty-eight inch long forks will lift loads up to 54 inches high. This is high enough to load and unload a semi-truck. You can also raise safes to a comfortable service level or stack safes in the warehouse.

Lift Hitch for Escalera StairCat Stair Climbing ForkliftThe forks are 15 1/2 inches apart for moving loads on or off pallets. Swivel casters mounted underneath make the lift extremely maneuverable in tight places, and using the 10 inch pneumatic Big Wheel Attachment allows you to roll over rough terrain like gravel or grass. The automatic rewinding safety straps will hold any load securely to the handtruck for safe transport and remain installed on the machine for quick and easy use. You can use our lightweight aluminum portable steps for climbing in and out of pickup trucks.

Escalera also offers a lift-hitch for carrying the lift on the back of delivery vehicles and service vans.



Just look at some of the ways people are using Escalera StairCat Stair Climbing Forklifts . . .


climb step with escalera stair climber
The forks are long enough to hold
large boxes and pallets.

Escalera StairCat Forklift climbing steps
One man can climb stairs with POWER!

StairCat Stair Climbing Forklift
Load and unload your delivery vehicle.
1200 pound capacity.
54" vertical lift height.

stair cat by escalera
Deliver in the most extreme locations.

Escalera StairCat Forklift with Big Wheel on grass
Roll on rough and bumpy terrain while
balanced on the Big Wheel Attachment.

Escalera StairCat Forklift climbing curb
Climb curbs at street level.


rolling on snow witht he big wheel attachment
Use the Big Wheel to roll on rough
terrain such as gravel, grass, dirt,
or snow.

Escalera StairCat Forklift with Retractable Load Support
Raise shorter safes on the forks for
perfect balance. The Retractable Load Support can hold the weight of
the safe for easy transport.

Escalera StairCat Forklift
Escalera StairCat stair climbing lifts
allow you to make the turn in
tight corners or on landings.

Stack safes with the Escalera StairCat Stair Climbing Forklift
Stack safes in the warehouse to
free up storage space.


Escalera StairCat Stair Climbing Forklift moving safe deposit boxes
Stack and move safe deposit boxes.


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