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MOVING Big Screen TV's

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For moving big tv's, Escalera recommends the

  • RLA-HC
    Stairclimbing Forklift

  • BWA-1
    Big Wheel Attachment

  • LPA
    Lift Plate Attachment


Using the RLA-HC Stairclimbing Forklift provides maximum versatility when moving big screens and direct view monitors. The RLA-HC can be used as a forklift for loading and unloading delivery vehicles or semi-trucks

tvintruck.jpg (22932 bytes) You can also use our light weight aluminum portable steps to climb in and out of the back of pickups or large delivery vans. By removing the lift attachment, the RLA-HC can be used like a traditional dolly, making it easy to move projection screen tv's with large cabinets.

load big tv's in pickups

The height of the forks on the Escalera Stairclimbing Forklift can be raised to a comfortable level for servicing big screen tv's. This makes the Escalera Forklift function as a portable, adjustable workbench.
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service large projection screens

Escalera as workbench

The Escalera Stair Climbing Forklift makes it very easy for one person to bring in large direct view televisions. The forks can be adjusted to any height (up to 54 inches) for quick installation on tv stands, counters, shelves, or built-in wall units.

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raise tv to stand

slide tv off pallet

one person can do it all

The Escalera Stair Climbing Forklift lets you load and unload all types of delivery vehicles without straining your back. The 28 inch long forks will raise heavy loads into delivery vans, semi trailers, mini-vans and sport utility vehicles.

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load and unload all types of delivery vehicles

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move a variety of tv's and big screens up and down steps


The Escalera Stairclimbing Forklift with removable lift attachment is very versatile. One man can easily handle the biggest direct view monitors and big screen TV’s. The battery-powered stairclimbers will climb 130 steps up and back down with a full load and is very gentle with sensitive electronic equipment while climbing stairs. You can also purchase a completely non-powered handtruck and update to the stairclimbers later. Twenty-eight inch long forks will lift loads up to 54 inches high. This is high enough to load and unload a semi-truck. You can also raise TV’s to a comfortable service level. The forks are 15 ½ inches apart for moving loads on or off pallets. The Escalera forklifts are available with or without the battery-powered stairclimbers, with a hand-operated winch or electric winch for raising and lowering the forks. Swivel casters mounted underneath make the forklift extremely maneuverable in tight places, and using the 10 inch pneumatic Big Wheel Attachment allows you to roll over rough terrain like gravel or grass. The automatic rewinding safety straps will hold any load securely to the handtruck for safe transport and remain installed on the machine for quick and easy use. You can use our lightweight aluminum portable steps for climbing in and out of pickup trucks. Escalera also offers a lift-hitch for carrying the lift on the back of delivery vehicles and service vans. The Escalera Stairclimbing Forklift is the tool of choice for moving and servicing big screen TV’s.

you can also move


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