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"Thing works great. We've delivered over 50 big console copiers up and down steps with no problems, no complaints."

Stair Climbing Forklift

Escalera Stair Climbing Forklift
Model: RLA-HC


For moving copy machines Escalera recommends:

  • RLA-HC Escalera StairCat Stair Climbing Forklift
  • MS-1-66 Escalera StairCat Stair Climbing Hand Truck



Escalera CopyCaddy and
10" Deck Extension


Escalera CopyCaddyEscalera CopyCaddy used as rampESCALERA COPYCADDY
The Escalera CopyCaddy can be used as a stand alone delivery cart and ramp, or be used together with the Escalera StairCat Stair Climbing Forklift to become your total copier moving solution. Each CopyCaddy ships with one security strap and removable all-terrain wheels. With the Escalera CopyCaddy and an Escalera StairCat Stair Climbing Forklift, one person can load and unload delivery vehicles, transport large copy machines, climb up and down stairs, and roll on rough terrain with no damage to the copy machine. Visit the CopyCaddy page for all the info.


Stair Climbing Hand Truck loading vanLOADING TRUCKS
You can use the Escalera StairCat Stair Climbing Forklift to raise and lower copy machines in and out of the back of your delivery vehicle with the easy-to-use hand operated winch or battery powered electric winch. The 28 inch long forks can lift 1200 pounds up to 54 inches high. This is high enough to load and unload a semi-truck without having a loading dock and a traditional forklift.

Escalera recommends adding a lower RW-1 Automatic Rewinding Safety Strap in addition to the one already included in the middle position. Adding the lower strap allows the operator to secure the cabinet of the copy machine. This is particularly helpful for copiers that sit installed on top of the cabinet, securing both the copy machine and the cabinet to the StairCat. The safety straps work very similar to seat belts in your car. Because the safety straps rewind automatically when they are not in use, you will never have straps hanging down by your feet.

Escalera StairCat roll on Big Wheels
Use the optional BWA-1 Big Wheel Attachment with the Escalera StairCat to smooth out the ride when rolling on rough terrain, preventing damage to your copy machine. The 10 inch pneumatic tires allow you to roll easily on gravel, grass, dirt, bumpy asphalt and light snow.


Escalera offers the handy LH-3 Lift Hitch Attachment for carrying the lift on the back of delivery vehicles and service vans.

Just look at all the ways people are using Escalera StairCat Stair Climbing Hand Trucks...


Stair Climbing Hand Truck
Climb Steps With Power!


Stair Climbing Hand Truck
One man can climb multiple
flights of stairs.


Stair Climbing Hand Truck
Maneuverable in tight quarters,
in narrow stairways and on landings.


Stair Climbing Hand Truck
Use the Big Toeplate Attachment to
for wide copy machines on casters.


Stair Climbing Hand Truck
Stack up boxes of paper on the
Big Toeplate Attachment and reduce
the number of trips up or down stairs.


Stair Climbing Hand Truck
Using 2 straps secures both the copier
and the cabinet while climbing stairs.


Stair Climbing Hand Truck
Raise table-top copiers, large
printers, faxes and multi-function
devices to counter height.


Stair Climbing Hand Truck
Load and unload your delivery vehicle.
54" vertical lift height.


steack pallets in warehouse with escalera stair climbing hand lifts
Stack pallets in the warehouse to
free up storage space.


stair cat by escalera
Deliver in the most extreme locations.
For deep snow, use alternating sheets
of plywood while rolling on the Big
Wheel Attachment.


climb step with escalera stair climber
The forks are long enough to hold
large boxes and pallets.


rolling on snow witht he big wheel attachment
Use the Big Wheel to roll on rough
terrain such as gravel, grass, dirt,
or snow.



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